Inovative airline blanket

Presenting  the new register design patented innovative airline blanket. This blanket is already in use of commercial airline

From the press:

the sleeping quality is much better! the blanket stays in place, does not slip or move, and allows me to eat and read in a very comfortable way.’ boasted one ELAL passenger after a recent flight from Tel Aviv to New York. But is this any old blanket? no! it’s the ‘wearable blanket’. an innovative product unlike anything ever seen it’s not only easy to wear, but allows total hands free movement.

with fingers free, passengers can enjoy such delights as: scrolling through their feeds after sneakily taking airplane mode off, removing their sleeping seat mate’s head from their shoulder, or as modeled, enthusiastically drinking champagne until the sleeping pills kick in. 


design by: noyberg-bulka

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